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Brief History of Kuki Worship Service, Mumbai

The task of keeping a record which will be referred to as the history of Kuki Worship Service, Mumbai - KWS(M) cannot be completed without a mention of the people who were part of our history in Mumbai. As this important task came upon the present Executive Committee of the KWS(M), we tried our best to present a most accurate and proper record in consultation with available records. As we have to start somewhere, let us start with the earliest get togethers in Mumbai in the later 1990s as recollected by the unersigned.

There has always been the quest to socialize though we were very few. The Zomi Christian Fellowship, Mumbai was already there and we all were part of it, however, the urge to get together in our own tongue and hence the satisfaction. One of the earliest get together I could recall was the meeting at Gl. Clay Khongsai’s residence @ Kailash Aptts., RBI Officers’ Qtrs.,  Malad (E) way back in 1995. It was a get together cum celebration of marriage of Ng. Chongboi Doungel, Air Hostess, Air India to Gl. Lunthang Haokip, AAO, LIC.

Some of the veterans, working in Mumbai then, I could still recall are like, Gl. Clay Khongsai (Reserve Bank of India), Gl. Joshua L. Singson, Engr., Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (VSNL), Gl. (Dr.) Hemkhothang Lhungdim, Lecturer, International Institute of Population Science (IIPS), Deonar, Gl. Francis Touthang, Manger, Kemps Corner, Ng. Jessica Khongsai, Ng. Shanti, Gl. Daniel Kilong, Ng. Chongboi Doungel, Air Hostess, Air India, Pu Lunthang Haokip, AAO, LIC, Pu Henkholun Misao State Bank of Saurashtra, Gl. Thanggou Misao, State Bank of Saurashtra, Gl. Hemkholal (Boilal) Lhungdim, P.O. Oriental Bank of Commerce, Gl. Lalminlen Lhungdim, (L) Ng. Lhaineichong Ngailut, Air Hostess, Air India, Gl. Benjamin Misao, Flight Purser, Air India, Gl. Tongkhopao (Paoboi) Lhungdim, Jr. Engr CPWD, etc., and students like, Gl. Moun Gangte, HR, (TISS), Gl. Mangneo Lhungdim MSW, TISS, Gl. Semkhothong (Hethong) Haokip, Master of Population Studies, IIPS, Gl. Letcha Haokip of Engg., Gl. Joseph L. Singson, Gl. Lalboi Haokip, Ng. Nengcha Haokip, Ng. Kim Haokip, Gl. Lalcha Lhouvum,  Ng. Ronie Ngaipi Haokip, Gl. Tonglal Baite, MPS, IIPS, Gl. Mangneo Haokip, YWAM, Gl. Seiboi Haokip, etc., though not necessarily in order of their coming to Mumbai in 1995-97 days. Anyway, there could still be some names missing. This way, our population slowly grows, new members came in, singles becomes double, while some members left Mumbai.

Get togethers were organized whenever possible about once a year, sometimes at Christmas / New Year celebrations though not exactly in the ethos of KWS /KSO. Slowly, these get –togethers take the form of an annual event and the tradition of an annual ‘Social Cum Worship Service Meet’ develops. In these annual meets, we often wish we could have a platform to worship together in our own tongue, in the form of Kuki Worship Service (KWS), as in other cities.

Here are some milestones that merits mention that leads to formation of the KWS (M):

  • A Joint fellowship with KWS(Pune) was conducted on 3rd November 2002 at Room No.16, 1st Floor, B.P. Marine Academy, Belapur(W) under the leadership of KWS(P). Gl. Lamboi Haokip, UBS Pune then, spoke on the theme “Stand Firm in the Lord”, 1 Cor 15:58. About 27 members of KWS (P) came and had fellowship with us on this day. This was the first fellowship in the form of KWS.
  • At the ‘Social Cum Worship Service Meet’ at the Church of St. Columbus & St. Andrews, Hazarimal Sonabi Marg, Fort, Mumbai on the 25th of October, 2003 about 50 of us gathered. During the first session of worship, Gl. Lamboi Haokip, UBS, of KWS, Pune shared the word of God, with the theme – ‘Natong in kon ute’. During the second session, in the  social gathering part, with a brief introduction on the felt need for starting a Kuki Worship Service in Mumbai from – Gl. Mangneo Haokip, YWAM, Mumbai this issue was discussed. Some of the members present in that meet were  Pu Thongsei Haokip, SO, AG, GL. Lalrotlen Zote, Assistant, AG, Upa Khailam & Nu Nengting Haokip, Parents of Gl. Ngamkholet (Letcha) Haokip, Engr., GAIL, Gl. Letcha, Pu Lunthang & Pi Chongboi Haokip, Dr. Hemthang & Pi Lily Lhungdim, Pu Joshua L Singson & Pi Lamneichong Songson, RBI, Gl. Lamboi Haokip, UBS Pune, Gl. Lamsat Sitlhou, Bible student Gl. T. Lhungdim (Paoboi), RBI, Pu Francis Touthang, Gl. Rolen Kipgen, NAVY, Gl. Paominthang, IIT(M), Ng. Boicy Sitlhou, Ng. kokoi Lhouvum. All present discussed and expressed their views. In the end, Gl. T. Lhungdim sums up the views that emerged in the discussion. He observed that, there were quite a number of us who felt we could start KWS now, but there were also well considered views who felt that we rather, with prayers, explore the possibilities of starting KWS and start with the prayer meetings. The first prayer meeting was held on 26th November 2003 at Pu Joshua L & Pi Lamneichong Singson’s residence at RBI Officers Qtrs.,. Gokuldham, Goregaon (E).
  • On 31st December, 2005 New Year celebration meet was held at Gl. Letcha’s residence at GAIL Qtrs., CBD Belapur. We even did lenkhom then.
  • On September 03, 2006 in that year’s annual ‘Social Cum Worship Service Meet’ at the Church of St. Columbus & St. Andrews, Hazarimal Somani Road, Fort, Mumbai, during the first session of worship service, Pastor Kamthian Vaiphei spoke on Ps. 127 of ‘God the sole builder’ and Ng. Esther Sitlhou presented a beautiful number. In the second session, Gl. Jangminlien Lhungdim speaking on behalf of the student community spoken on the need for a student body, as our population in the city continues to grow. He informed that, the students have sought opinions of the elders during the past few months and that, they have already selected their own leaders amongst themselves and that they needed an official acceptance of formation of the Kuki Students Organization, Mumbai {KSO(M)} that day. Accordingly, the desires of the student community were accepted and Pu Henkholun Misao, Dy. Manger, State Bank of Saurashtra (now SBI) officially declared the formation of KSO, Mumbai. KSO(M) was hence formed on Sept 03, 2006 with the following first office bearers: President – Gl. Jangminlien Lhungdim, General Secretary – Gl. Vanlalmuon Haokip, Finance Secy. Cum Treasurer – Gl. Goulen Haokip, Information & Publicity – Gl. Paominthang Haokip, IIT(M), Ng. Tina Haokip, Gl. Lalcha Haokip, Moral & Religion – Gl. Mangboi Mate, Cultural Secy. – Lalboi John Touthang and Gl. Thanggoulien Khongsai, Ng. Doreen Misao, Gl. Simeon Singsit, Gl. Thomas Khongsai, Air Traffic Controller, NAVY as Executive Members and Pu Dr. Hemkhothang Lhungdim, Sr. Lecturer, IIPS as the Advisor. There was an encouragement speech from Pu Dr. Hemkhothang Lhungdim and the day ended with vote of thanks from Gl. Thanggou Misao, Dy. Mgr, State Bank of Saurashtra.

Post formation of the KSO(M), the earlier annual event usually known as the ‘Social Cum Worship Service Meet’ have been organized hereafter under the aegis of KSO(M) as Fresher’s Meet. The Freshers’ Meet 2007 was organized by the KSO (M) on August 11, 2007 at the Church of St. Columbus & St. Andrews, Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai. Pr. Kamthian Vaiphei shared the word of God on 1Cor 2:1-2 and Ng. Hechin Haokip presented a beautiful number in the worship session. During the second session of social gathering, a beautiful number presented by the trio – Gl. Jangchon Lhouvum, Manager, SEBI, Gl. Letngam Software Engr. , SONY Entertainment,  & Gl. Sangpu Vaiphei, Manager RBI, otherwise then known all over society , as the three Musketeers’ deserves mention.

In the 7th Executive Meeting of the KSO(M) at the residence of Gl. Jangchon Lhouvum, on 17th August 2008 the student organization deliberated on the formation of KWS(M). It was decided in this meeting that an ‘Opinion Poll’ be taken for the formation of KWS(M) in the upcoming KSO(M) Freshers Meet to be held on September 6, 2008.

Accordingly, on September 6, 2008 at the Freshers’ Meet organized by the KSO(M) at the Church of St. Columbus and St. Andrews, Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai an opinion poll was conducted on ‘should we start Kuki Worship Service at Mumbai’. Majority of the people on this day voted for formation of KWS(M) and thus there was an ‘in-principle’ approval for the establishment of KWS(M), the only concern was the ‘venue’ for the fellowship. Accordingly, an ‘Acting Committee’ has been formed with the following members – Dr. Hemthang Lhungdim, Pu Mangneo Haokip, Chairman YWAM, Mumbai, Pu Lunkhongam Haokip Income Tax, Gl. Jangchon Lhouvum, Gl. Letkhongam Haokip, to be coordinated by President and General Secretary, KSO(M). The Committee will explore avenues to find a convenient church/school premises to enable us start the KWS (M).  Pu Mangneo Haokip, then suggested Gyan Ashram, Andheri (East). The ‘Acting Committee’ visited Gyan Ashram on a later date and approved the location, which is still used till date.

Under the leadership of Gl. Mangboi Mate, President & Gl. Neopu Lhouvum, General Secretary, KSO(M) organise worship service cum Christmas celebration on 25th Dec. 2008 at Gyan Ashram, Andheri East, Mumbai. There was an overwhelming response and many who stayed back that winter in Mumbai attended the Christmas day service. The idea of formally launching KWS (M) has been deferred for January 18, 2009 for want of maximum attendance on the inaugural day, expecting that, all who went home would be back by then.

Accordingly, the first KWS (M) worship meeting was held at the Gyan Ashram, Andheri (E), under the aegis of KSO(M), led by Pu Mangneo Haokip, Chaiman, YWAM, Mumbai on January 18, 2009. Pu Mangneo shared the work of God and urged each of the members to examine our motives for formation of KWS(M). With a lot of self introspection, the congregation of the first KWS(M) meet prayed to the Almighty seeking if the time was actually right for the KWS(M) to be started. The first meet turned out to be better than expected. Subsequent meeting / services were held under the leadership of KSO(M) and Pu Mangneo Haokip, Chairman YWAM, Mumbai. After sometime there was a felt need to form an Executive Committee and give shape and body to KWS (M).

On May 30, 2009 a meeting was held at the residence of Pu. T. Lhungdim, at B-63, Jalada, RBI Officers’ Qtrs., Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400025. The Executive Committee (EC) members for KWS(M) were selected on this day by the members present. They were: Chairman – Pu T. Lhungdim, Secretary – Gl. Jangchon Lhouvum and Finance Secretary – Pu Lunkhongam Haokip and thus was formed the first KWS(M) Executive Committee. It was also resolved that Pu Mangneo Haokip, Chairman YWAM, Mumbai will be the chaplain of the KWS(M). Thus in this humble way, the Kuki Worship Service, Mumbai has been formed.

Presently we have regular worship service on the 1st and the 3rd week of every month at Gyan Ashram, Andheri (E). Present Executive Committee are : Chairman – Pu T.Lhungdim, AGM, RBI, Secretary – Pu Jangkholen (Lenpu) Lupheng, Inspector, Customs & Excise, Finance Secretary – Pu Lunkhongam, Sr. Tax Assistant, income Tax.  As of now, about 40-50 members attend the service on an average. Presently we sponsor one Missionary – Pu Mangneo Haokip, YWAM, Lonavala and family. KWS(M) immediate need is a Pastor.  On retrospect, we would like to say, God has brought us thus far and He will carry us into the future according to His sweet will for us.

T.Lhungdim, Chairman, KWS (M).
September 21, 2012.

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